Sporter Club

We will help you achieve  your goals in sports. Take the first step
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Sporter Club is a place where you will learn  to properly run,
swim and ride a bicycle. To make the trainings the most effective, your
trainers will be professional athletes, winners of major competitions
of both local and international level.



Vitaly Gheorghita

Professional sportsman,
multiple champion and winner of
the Republic of Moldova and winner of
international competitions


Evghenia Beşleaga

Masters Swimming Multiple champion of the Republic of Moldova Participant of a lot of international competitions.


Andrei Vrabii

Master of Sports in cycling.
Participant and winner of the the
national competitions and international
level cycling races.


Participation in Seamile was a real challenge for me. I had to train long and hard. The mile itself gave me a hard time, but the dream has come true, and I still swam it. What I liked about the organization:
– Very simple registration process. Everything took 2 minutes, payment made instantly with the card. The website is as informative as it could be. Regulation, trainings schedule. Everything is open and clear.
– Free ride to the start site. A special gratitude for this.
– Starter pack. A cool backpack and a swimming cap as a gift. Gifts are always nice to get!
– Guaranteed medal too each participant who fits into the time limit. I know people, who collect medals from Sporter and compete who has more))Serghei Savciuc
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My life changed completely after the first Chisinau Marathon, it instilled confidence in me, I knew I could run it. Now my life is filled with running. Sporter Club helped me in this.

I ran 4 marathon during the year, and do not intend to stop on this. Thank you for all the help and sports development in our country

Nikita Stupakovski

Several months in a row, I get up at 4-30 am. All this because of SPORTER.  Initially, it was to prepare for Seamile. I went to the pool. Now, Chisinau Criterium is just round the corner. I get up at the same time and leave for the training by bicycle. And between the cycling trainings I do something that I haven’t done for more than 10 years already. I started to run. Because the race across Cricova Cellars Wine Run is coming in winter.

A few years ago, my acquaintances, finding out that I get up so early to swim, ride or run, would have twisted their finger to their temples.

Now, when they know that I am preparing for Seamile or Criterium, they nod with approval and understanding. Because it’s cool. These are landmark events in the life of our city. And the level of organization is so high that it is not a shame to invite friends from abroad to participate.Serghei Savciuc

Pianih Alexei
Community SPORTER is a social movement, aimed at the society, in which we live. It is necessary for the orientation of every citizen to an active, sporty and healthy lifestyle. The main advantages of SPORTER community consists in the implementation of systematic training program (3-4 meetings per week), providing participants with self-confidence, improving their achievements. Organized events, such as: ECORUN, Chisinau marathon, SPORTER TRAVEL, are a great opportunity to provide the participants with the feeling of victory. Magic of victory lies not only in the first place earned, but also in the realization that you’re getting better than you were yesterday. Thus, SPORTER helps us become more hardworking, caring towards our family and life.Alexey Pyahin
In a few years, the small SPORTER team managed to do things that the profile ministries did not manage to do in dozen years. Lots of people appeared running around the parks and on the city streets. And what’s going on in the swimming pools? AT 6 a.m., all of the tracks are already occupied. What was the impetus that led them to run, swim or ride a bicycle? Most of them will answer: “Chisinau marathon or Seamile, or Chisinau Criterium”. Participation in these events has become prestigious and significant.

From the category “interesting to watch” they turned into the “must do” category. It became fashionable to boast off with attributes and medals from these competitions. And for this we thank SPORTER team, for their hard work, crazy ideas and their implementation.Serghei Savciuc

In May I started to train with the club Sporter. At the first training both of our couches told me: “You will succeed the main thing – do not skip trainings”. I followed the instructions. Initially self-belief was not much. I have never been able to keep the speed in the long distance. The farther away, the more I rolled kilometers, got used to fatigue and knew how to pedal on the ups and downs. As a result, by the end of the summer, I realized that at the specified time I will do it. Appeared ambition, and I started dreaming about third place. Then I decided that I would do everything to get it. Well, you already know the results … (victory in the distance of MTB 32 km – a comment of redaction). They were unexpectedly pleasant for me to be honest – it’s a shock. Criterium 32 км – its mine. Next week will begin preparations for the Criterium 48 km, which will be held in 2017.Milana Sitnic



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